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The Big Lie

The conventional information we’ve been given about money is a lie designed to keep us on a hamster wheel. What is wrong with the traditional “wisdom” about money and building wealth? When it comes to making money, who should we be mimicking and learning from? On this episode, I talk about the Big Lie in… Read more »

How to Network Effectively w/Brian Trippe

While everyone knows networking is important, few people actually know how to do it. How can you approach networking effectively? Why is it so important to know what your unique value is? On this episode, real estate entrepreneur and author, Brian Trippe, shares how he started networking effectively and the difference it’s made in his… Read more »

How to Build a Business Around Tribal Leadership w/John King

The prevailing culture in business is not focused on relationships, community and connection and that’s making us a lot less productive. What are the different levels of leadership and the kinds of company environments they create? What is Tribal Leadership, and why is it the key to unlocking more opportunity? How can we bring it… Read more »

The Impact Players Tour w/Ben Precious

Going to networking and educational events is one of the most powerful things you can do to advance yourself as an entrepreneur. On this episode, I’m joined by the founder of one of the top social media firms in LA, Ben Precious. We talk about the Impact Players Tour conference, the speakers, what to look… Read more »

Taking Control of Your Business w/Don Costa

While it is okay to fail, it’s still important to make sure the money side of your business is being managed effectively. How can you put your finances in order? How should you approach potential partners for your business? On this episode, real estate investor and host of the Flip Talk podcast, Don Costa, shares… Read more »

How to Set Ourselves Up for New Opportunities w/Dan Handford

We’re often led to believe that money is difficult to attain, and as a result we believe it’s normal to not reach our goals. However, there are people who are overcoming a lack of funds. How can you create massive success for your business? Where do you begin to delegate and create a database? On… Read more »

How to Become the Bank & Take Advantage of Market Cycles w/Adam Kipnes

One of the greatest things about real estate investing is that there are different opportunities, methods, and circumstances to make money. What options do we have aside from flipping and wholesaling? Why is it so critical to keep track of market opportunities in different areas and cities? On this episode, coach, author and entrepreneur, Adam… Read more »

The Hidden Secrets to Unlocking Market Patterns

Ever since the financial crash in 2008, the market has been steadily improving. What does this mean for your business? How should you be acting now, when the market is on a winning spree? On this episode, I simplify market trends using Warren Buffett’s famed quote: ‘Buy low, sell high, don’t lose money.’ Watch the… Read more »