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Chris Naugle is a nationally recognized entrepreneur in his 16 years of high-level experience in the financial services and advisory industry he managed over 30 million dollars in assets. Specializing in alternative investments, retirement strategies, and wealth accumulation. Using his expert knowledge in finance he has successfully bought, renovated and sold hundreds of properties. Through his passion and success in real estate, Mr. Naugle became co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy, a real estate education company that coaches its students how to get results and create passive income through real estate.

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Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing is difficult, if anyone says it's easy, they aren’t really a real estate investor. Chris built his real estate company from the ground twice and has been able to weather different storms over the years. Chris will show you the pitfalls he’s run into and how to avoid them, including how to weather the storms on the horizon.

How Money Works In Real Estate

Money is the one thing that most people have all wrong in real estate. Chris will share with you how money really works and how to use it towards your advantage to gain the upper hand in real estate investing.

How To Build A Company From Nothing

Chris will show you how perseverance and hustle trumps most things in business. Building a business is hard! Try starting one in your basement at the age of 16 and turning that dream into a multi-store franchise. Then for an encore Chris built a financial advisory business with over $30 million in assets under management all while building a real estate business at the same time.

Chris Naugle

Chris Naugle