Month: July 2019

The Big Lie II

The most common ways we’ve been taught to find money for deals actually sets us up to look desperate and not be in control. How can we take direction from the way banks and wealthy people raise money? How can you raise money from your primary circle? In this episode, I continue my talk about… Read more »

How to Raise Money for Multi-Family Units w/Michael Blank

Most new real estate investors are intimidated by multi-family deals, but getting into them is a lot easier than people think. What makes apartment building investing such a great way to build wealth? How can we raise money, and why is it so easy to do? How do we expand our investment comfort zone? On… Read more »

The Big Lie

The conventional information we’ve been given about money is a lie designed to keep us on a hamster wheel. What is wrong with the traditional “wisdom” about money and building wealth? When it comes to making money, who should we be mimicking and learning from? On this episode, I talk about the Big Lie in… Read more »